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Terms & Conditions

Recommend a Friend Scheme

The Recommended Candidate means any individual whose details were supplied by a Recommender (You) under the terms of this scheme.

The Recommender (You) will be rewarded with a payment of £100 subject to the terms set out below.

This payment will be referred to as the Reward.

Names and details of Recommended Candidate must be submitted by the Recommender (You) via the online recommendation form. Recommendations submitted in any other format will not be valid under the terms of this scheme and no Reward will be payable to the Recommender (You). It is the responsibility of the Recommender (You) to complete and submit the online recommendation form completely and accurately and at least one day prior to the Recommended Candidate having any contact with AH Recruitment Ltd.

The Recommender (You) must have the permission of the Recommended Candidate you are referring before submitting their details. This is in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The Recommender (You) will indemnify AH Recruitment Ltd for any loss or claim arising out of the Recommender's (Your) failure to gain consent of the Recommended Candidate.

The Recommender (You) upon submitting the Recommend a Friend form consents and permits AH Recruitment Ltd to notify the Recommended Candidate that the Recommender (You) recommended them.

We will only accept Recommended Candidates if they are eligible and complete the registration and enrolment process. We reserve the right to withdraw or suspend a Recommended Candidate at any time in line with our Registration Terms and Conditions. At the Reward payment date the Recommender (You) and the Recommended Candidate need to be registered and be in good standing within AH Recruitment Ltd’s regulatory requirements with no pending or ongoing investigation.

The recommendation is not valid in those circumstances where an agent appointed by AH Recruitment Ltd has a prior claim agreed by AH Recruitment Ltd for commission related to the Recommended Candidate.

The recommendation is valid for twelve months following the initial receipt by AH Recruitment Ltd of the details of the Recommended Candidate.

AH Recruitment Ltd will contact the Recommender (You) to confirm whether or not the Recommender (You) is eligible for the Reward in relation to a Recommended Candidate.

The Reward will be payable once the Recommended Candidate:
has completed the registration and interview process with AH Recruitment Ltd; and
does not have any prior history with AH Recruitment Ltd; and
has gained employment through AH Recruitment Ltd and remained in that position for at least 3 months.

Following the above process, AH Recruitment Ltd will contact the Recommender (You) to arrange for payment of the Reward.

The Reward will not be payable for any Recommended Candidate with whom AH Recruitment Ltd has had contact in accordance with the time limits above, either through making an enquiry or a request for job details or speaking with an employee or representative of AH Recruitment Ltd or making an application or by any other means whatsoever.

Disputes regarding this recommendation scheme will be resolved by AH Recruitment Ltd whose decision on the matter will be final.

The Reward will only be paid in Pounds Sterling as an electronic bank transfer into the Recommender’s (Your) own bank account or in person by cash. Payment will not be made by cheque; to another person’s bank account or any other method.

No Reward will be payable if the Recommender (You) has not provided valid details of their bank account within twelve months of the Recommended Candidate being accepted by AH Recruitment Ltd.

Recommendations will be processed on a first come, first served basis if we receive more than one nomination for the same person.

AH Recruitment Ltd reserves the right to accept or reject a Recommended Candidate at all times.

The relationship of the Recommender (You) to AH Recruitment Ltd is that of an independent contractor and nothing in these terms shall render the Recommender (You) an employee or worker of AH Recruitment Ltd and the Recommender (You) shall not hold himself out as such.

The Recommender (You) shall be fully responsible for and shall indemnify AH Recruitment Ltd and keep AH Recruitment Ltd indemnified from and against all losses, liabilities, claims, expenses, damages and costs suffered or incurred by AH Recruitment Ltd for and in respect of any income tax, national insurance and social security contributions and any other liability, deduction, contribution, assessment or claim arising and against any corresponding or related penalty, fine or interest incurred or payable by AH Recruitment Ltd as a consequence of payment of the Reward.

Data protection

For deails of how we may use, protect and retain your data please see our separate Privacy and Data Retention policies.

Contacting us

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This document was last updated on May 16th, 2018